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How do I Install the Axis software in Windows?

  • Before you begin this procedure, make sure you've installed your EPSON printer software and closed all applications. Follow these steps to install the Axis software: 1. With Windows running, insert the AXIS Utilities disk 1 in your diskette drive. 2. Select Run from the Start menu, then type a:\windows\setup (where a is the letter of your diskette drive). Click OK. 3. Follow the instructions on screen. Choose Custom if you want to install both AXIS NetPilot and AXIS Print Monitor; leave Typical selected if you only want to install AXIS Print Monitor. 4. When you see a message that the software has successfully installed, click Close, then restart your system. (Note for win95/98 and win NT: If the Installing AXIS Printer Ports wizard appears on your screen, close it. Do not try to install your printer this way. Then restart your system.)
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