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I am trying to configure my product using the TCP/IP (LPR) protocol Why do I keep getting a message that my product is timing out?

  • If Net Pilot version 2.51 was used, the default screen name under the name of printer or print queue on that print server was shown as PR1. If this default was chosen, you will get a printer time out error message. To resolve this, in the Windows 95/98 environment, go to control panel and open the printer folder. Right click on the printer icon and choose properties. Check the details tab and see if the port selected starts with PR1@. If it does, select add port. Click Other and select Axis port. Select LPR (TCP/IP)and click OK. Select the IP address or host name of the print server and specify LPT1 as the name of the printer or print queue. NetPilot 2.53 resolves this issue and can be downloaded from the Epson or Axis website.
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