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The print quality is poor. What should I do?

  • If print quality has declined, please read through the troubleshooting section of your printer user's manual as it has important instructions on how to handle and clean the various components and locations of these items.
    These are a few important things to check in a laser printer which can affect print quality.

    1. Print density adjustment may cause print to be too light or dark/dirty background if adjusted too low or too high.
    2. Printer components may be dirty with spilled toner inside printer.
    3. Transfer charger wire may be broken or dirty and need cleaning.
    4. Glass lens on print head may be dirty and require cleaning.
    5. Cleaning pad may need replacing.
    6. Toner may be low.
    7. Imaging cartridge or drum may need replacing.

    If, after cleaning or replacing the above items, print quality has not improved, the printer should be inspected or serviced by an Epson authorized servicer.
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