Why won't my product do a self test?

  • Verify that the correct procedure for printing the self test has been performed. This problem is commonly caused by not holding down the required button long enough. Power on the printer while holding down the ALT button until the data light comes on and the printer starts to load the paper. If the printhead is moving back and forth but there is no ink on the page, press pause, then turn the printer off. Perform two cleaning cycles; (COLOR Cleaning)-Press the PAUSE button, then ALT and Print Mode, or (BLACK Cleaning)-Press the PAUSE button, then ALT and Economy/Condensed. Try performing the self test again. If self test still shows no ink on the page, ensure that the ink cartridges have been properly installed. Follow the procedures for replacing the ink cartridges and try lifting the print head locking lever and snapping it down firmly to ensure that you have broken the cartridge seal. You should hear a good solid click. Try the self test again. If the problem persists, contact the place of purchase for an exchange or have the printer sent in to be serviced.
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