One of my colors is missing. What should I do?

  • Calibrate colors in the driver setup to the specific application or image. Set to Default and adjust from there. Perform self test (Press Load/Eject and power printer on) and check that seven colors are produced. If seven colors are not produced, perform default set mode (Press Economy/Condensed and power printer on) to inspect dots. If test print shows missing dots, perform two cleaning cycles; (COLOR Cleaning)-Press the PAUSE Button, then, Alt and Print Mode 'OR' (BLACK Cleaning) Press the PAUSE, then, Alt and Economy/Condensed. Run the self test again to see if printing has improved (Power on the Printer while holding down the Load/Eject-Button. If the self test is still missing one of the four colors, try replacing the ink cartridge. If the condition persists, have the printer sent in for repair.
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