I see an EPIRPE xxx type error when I send print jobs to my product. What should I do?

  • There are three probable solutions to this issue. Examine the three solutions shown below to see if one resolves your issue...

    1. The Journal file(s) is damaged or corrupted due to a system lock up or crash during printing.a. Go to MS-DOS prompt window,
    b. Type CD\ , (this will change to the root directory, C:\)
    c. Type DIR *.JNL /S , (this will search the HDD for all Journal files)
    d. Navigate to the directory where the *.JNL files are located,
    e. Once in the directory, type DEL *.JNL, (this will delete the *.JNL files)

    2. The directory that Windows uses to store temporary files is full. a. Close all programs and open Windows Explorer,
    b. Go to the Temporary directory, (e.g. C:\TEMP, C:\WINDOWS\TEMP...)
    c. Delete all files, not folders, within this Temporary directory,

    3. The Adobe Type Manager is conflicting with the printer driver.a. Open Windows Notepad program,
    b. Click on FILE, OPEN then browse to the C:\WINDOWS directory,
    c. Select and open the SYSTEM.INI file,
    d. Type " ; " (a semicolon) in front of the SYSTEM.DRV=ATMSYS.DRV,
    e. Press the "End" key, then "Enter" key, (this creates a new line)
    g. Click on FILE, SAVE, then exit the program.
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