How do I install a driver that I downloaded?

  • Once the file has been successfully downloaded click on the extracted *.sea file. Which will create two separate folders named disk1 and disk2 on the desktop. Then Copy the contents of disk1 (drag each file individually) onto a blank diskette and disk2 on a separate blank disk.

    Make sure you copied only the files from the extracted folders to the diskettes named like the folders.

    Trash the following files:

    1) Under hard drive Status Monitor and Bi-D calibration

    2) Under System folder, Extensions folder Stylus Color, Epson folder, and Epson Monitor 2

    Restart your MAC with the extensions turned OFF then insert the driver disk 1 and run the installer icon. Rebuild your desktop.

    If the problem continues, please try downloading and installing the file from our website once again.
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