How do I calibrate my product?

  • There are three ways to calibrate the Stylus COLOR 500. You can use the EPSON Printer Calibration icon in Windows, the ecalib.exe file from DOS at directory C:\CALIBRAT, or from the printer's control panel. If you run the calibration from your computer, make sure that the printer name you select and the actual printer to be calibrated is the same, then confirm that the printer is connected to the correct LPT port. If you do not choose the correct printer and port settings, you may cause damage to the printer. Make sure that the cable is secure and try calibrating the printer again. If you still cannot calibrate the printer, try another cable or move the printer to another computer to eliminate the possibility of a defective printer cable, parallel port, or software problem. If you cannot calibrate the printer from your computer using either of the calibration utility programs, calibrate the printer using the printer's control panel. For more information on calibrating the printer, please refer to Chapter 6 page 9 of your User's Guide.
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