The output I am getting from my is unacceptable. What should I do?

  • Make sure that the paper thickness lever is set for the correct setting. Make sure the default setting for Economy is OFF. Economy mode is only used for printing rough drafts. Make sure you have selected the color option and 360 or 720 dpi as the resolution. If 180 dpi is selected, the printer uses less ink and makes the output lighter. If printing on special EPSON paper, make sure you are printing on the correct side of the paper. Try printing again. If printing has not improved, perform a cleaning cycle, then print a demonstration page to see if print quality is acceptable. You may need to run several cleaning cycles to improve the print quality. If print looks wavy, try calibrating the printer with the EPSON Printer Calibration utility program. If the quality is satisfactory, verify that the correct driver is selected as the default printer. For Windows 95 or 98 users verify that you are using the EPSON driver and not the Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 driver If the Auto option was selected as the Document Type in the driver, try another option, like Graph, Photo, or Video (whichever is appropriate for your print job). You can also choose different Color Balance and Halftoning options in the Graphics tab. You may need to manipulate the settings within the application and the printer driver to achieve optimum print results. If the quality from the demonstration page is not acceptable, check the type of paper being used. The special EPSON papers deliver the best printed output. If the problem persists, try a new genuine EPSON color ink cartridge. Any ink cartridge installed into the printer must have a white label on top of it. If the white label has been removed from the ink cartridge, do not install the cartridge. Using an ink cartridge which does not have the white label on it may damage the printer. If you have already installed a cartridge which is missing the white label, or if a previously installed ink cartridge was missing its white label at the time it was installed, and now head cleanings do not help the demonstration page or self test to print completely, your printer may require service and you should contact the EPSON Connection for further assistance.
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