Why does my product keep feeding multiple sheets of paper?

  • Remove all paper from the input tray and move the paper thickness lever between the single sheet and envelope position a few times. Make sure that the paper thickness lever is pulled forward for single sheet printing, then open the cover and check the paper thickness adjustment lever. Move the paper thickness adjustment lever between the zero (0) and plus (+) position a few times. Make sure that the paper thickness adjustment lever is pushed back to zero for normal paper handling. Fan and straighten about 25-75 sheets of paper. Reload the paper without pushing down on the stack. Keep the stack of paper perpendicular to the table the printer is sitting on. Put the stack of paper into the tray, let go and the stack will fall back into the tray. Press the Load/Eject button to see if the printer feeds the paper correctly. If it continues to pull in multiple sheets of paper, the printer may need to be serviced and you should contact the EPSON Connection for further assistance.
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