How do I install the ink cartridge?

  • With the printer ON, press the Load/Eject button for five seconds or until the print head moves to the left. Remove the yellow tape seal from the top of the ink cartridge. Do not remove the white label from the top of the ink cartridge. The ink in a cartridge missing the white label will be exposed to air and will thicken such that print head clogging and possible print head failure can occur. If the white label has been removed from the ink cartridge, the cartridge will not function correctly and it will need to be replaced. More importantly, to avoid potential damage to the printer, do not install the cartridge if the white label has been removed. Lift the ink cartridge clamps, then insert the cartridges into the printer. Push down on the clamps until they lock into place. Press the Load/Eject button again to begin charging the ink delivery system, which takes approximately two minutes. When the printer is done charging, the Power light will stop flashing. Detailed instructions and illustrations can be found in Chapter 1 of the User's Guide, beginning on page 7. If you are still having difficulties, contact the EPSON Connection Technical Support Group for further assistance. You can also reach our Technical Support Group by entering your information at the EPSON Internet web site.
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