My printout has lines running through it. What should I do?

  • Set the printer driver to Default and adjust from there. Perform a self test to check that all seven colors are produced. If all seven colors do not appear, perform a cleaning cycle, then run the self test again to see if printing has improved. You may need to run several cleaning cycles before the print quality improves. If this is a new installation or if the cartridges have recently been replaced, follow the procedure for replacing the ink cartridges again, but DO NOT remove the cartridges. Lift the ink cartridge clamp, then lock it back down into place. Press the Load/Eject button to begin charging the ink delivery system. Print the demonstration page or self test again. If the demo or self test is still missing one or more colors, try replacing the ink cartridge. Any ink cartridge installed into the printer must have a white label on top of it. If the white label has been removed from the ink cartridge, do not install the cartridge. Using an ink cartridge which does not have the white label on it may damage the printer. If you have already installed a cartridge which is missing the white label, or if a previously installed ink cartridge was missing its white label at the time it was installed, and now head cleanings do not help the demonstration page or self test to print completely, your printer may require service and you should contact the EPSON Connection for further assistance.
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