I just installed the ink cartridges and both of the Ink Out lights are on solid. How can I clear my product?

  • Make sure that the cartridges were installed correctly. Follow the procedures for installing cartridges as shown on the inside of the printer cover, but DO NOT remove the ink cartridges. Lift the ink cartridge clamp on both cartridges and ensure that the yellow tape seal has been completely removed from the top of each cartridge. Also, make sure you are using a genuine EPSON ink cartridges which have white labels on top of them. Do not install any cartridge from which the white label has been removed. Using an ink cartridge which does not have the white label on it may damage the printer. If you have already installed a cartridge which is missing the white label, or if a previously installed ink cartridge was missing its white label at the time it was installed, and now head cleanings do not help the demonstration page or self test to print completely, your printer may require service and you should contact the EPSON Connection for further assistance. Close the clamps until they snap into place, ensuring you have broken the seals. Press the Load/Eject button to begin charging the ink delivery system. If reclamping the cartridges does not resolve the problem, replace the ink cartridges with new genuine EPSON cartridges. If you continue to have difficulties, the printer may need to be sent in for service and you should contact the EPSON Connection for further assistance.
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