My text looks dark gray. How can I get my product to print my text a truer black?

  • Make sure the monochrome print head unit with the black cartridge is installed. Next, make sure the default setting for Special Printing Effects is not set to Economy. If Economy is selected, change it to the Canceled setting. Economy mode is only intended for printing rough drafts and should not be enabled for normal print. If printing on EPSON special coated paper, check to ensure that you are printing on the coated side of the paper. Try printing the self-test. If the printer still is not printing dark enough, perform two cleaning cycles (Cleaning button). You may need to run several cleaning cycles before the print quality improves. Print the self-test again to see if printing has improved (Cleaning + Power-On). If this does not correct the problem, try replacing the black ink cartridge with a new, genuine EPSON ink cartridge. If the black text on the self-test is acceptable, the problem may be a setting in the printer driver. The monochrome setting in the driver will produce a truer black than the color setting. Enabling "MicroWeave" within the Stylus COLOR 200 printer driver will also give a darker, truer black output. If this does not correct the problem, the printer may need to be sent in for service. If the printer is within the dealer's exchange period, have the printer exchanged.
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