Multiple pages are feeding into my product at the same time. What should I do?

  • The steps below should correct multiple pages feeding in the printer. Many people have the tendency to tap the stack of paper after it is loaded, thus causing the paper to be lowered below the sensor. Once load is invoked the printer then starts to load multiple pages. To correct this:

    1) unload paper
    2) fan paper
    3) ensure that the paper select lever is in single sheet mode (may want to move back & forth a couple of times)
    4) hold stack straight up & down (not at an angle)
    5) lower paper straight down until you feel stack stop (do not put pressure)
    6) press load/eject (unit should load paper as normal)

    If that doesn't help try the following:

    1. Remove all the paper from the printer.

    2. Ensure that the paper being used is not stuck together due to moisture If you are working in a damp environment, you may want to microwave the paper for about 20 seconds or so.

    3. Try a different type of paper if possible. Use genuine EPSON inkjet paper to make sure it's not the paper.

    4. Ensure that there are no physical obstructions in the printhead's path.

    5. Move the paper selection lever back and forth about 4-5 times and leave it to the front position which is the 'Plain Paper' setting.

    6. Reseat all your paper in the printer but make sure that you don't push it too far into the paper feed.

    7. Load/eject a few pages through the printer.

    If you have an Epson Cleaning Sheet, you can run it through the paperfeed a few times. The Epson Cleaning Sheets can be purchased from the Epson Store. If the problem is still not resolved you will have to speak to our representatives to make arrangements for the service of the printer.
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