When I installed new ink cartridges my product does continuous cleaning cycles. Is there something wrong with my product?

  • The first time a ink cartridge is installed in the printer, it will take 5 minutes to charge the ink system and initialize the printer. While the ink is charging the power light will flash. NEVER turn off the printer while the power light is flashing. When installing replacement ink cartridges, the printer will take approximately 4 minutes to charge the ink. These initialization times are due to the superior technology of EPSON's piece print head, the number of ink nozzles in the print head and on a new printer the protective lubricant placed in the print head during the manufacturing process. This initialization is a normal and necessary process. If you turned off the printer during the initial ink charging cycle because I thought it was taking too long, power the printer back on and allow the printer to perform the complete charge of the ink delivery system. If the new ink cartridge initialization process extends the times mentioned, please contact the EPSON Connection for assistance.
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