How do I replace an ink cartridge?

  • If the Ink Out light is flashing, open the printer cover and hold down the Cleaning button for three seconds. The Power light should start flashing and the print head should move slightly left to the ink cartridge replacement position. Lift up the ink cartridge clamp as far as it goes. The cartridge currently installed should lift partly out of the ink cartridge holder. Lift the cartridge out of the printer. Open the new ink cartridge package. Remove only the yellow portion of the tape seal from the top of the cartridge. Don't remove the white portion. Lower the new ink cartridge into the holder with the label face up and the arrow pointing toward the back of the printer. Press down the ink cartridge clamp until it locks in place. Press the Cleaning button. The print head should move back to home position and charge the ink delivery system. Charging will take approximately one minute.
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