Why won't my product print black or color?

  • This is usually caused by dried ink clogging the print head nozzles.

    The most common causes are:

    • The printer has been turned off using a power strip rather than the printer's power button. This may cause the ink to dry because the print head is not positioned properly when shut down. It will also cause long cleaning cycles on power up.
    • Refilled, improperly installed or removed and reinstalled ink cartridge. Never attempt to refill ink cartridges. Make sure that only the yellow or blue tape is removed from the ink cartridge before installing it. Never remove a cartridge to visually check the ink level and reinstall it. It is not possible to visually check the ink level because the ink is contained in a sponge-like material and it will always appear to contain ink, even when empty.
    • Ink cartridge has been in the printer more than 6 months. The ink will slowly lose it's viscosity and dry up over time even if not used. Also check the "USE BEFORE" date on the cartridge box when you purchase it to make sure it is fresh.
    • Extended periods of printer inactivity.

    If using the printer's cleaning buttons on the control panel does not clear the print head. The printer's cleaning utility program should be used which is a more intense method.

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