How do I change the default settings?

  • The FX-880T comes configured with certain default settings. You can change these settings when needed through the Default Setting Mode, as described in Chapter 5 of your User's Guide. The instructions below explain how to change the character pitch, bottom margin, and software emulation. (The character pitch and bottom margin settings are not covered in the User's Guide.)
    1. To enter default setting mode, make sure the printer is off. Then hold down the Tear Off/Bin button while you press the Operate button to turn on the printer. The printer prints 2 pages of instructions, the first showing the menu of options, and the second showing the LED (light) status for each option setting.
    2. Looking at the first page of instructions, find the option you want to change and press the Tear Off/Bin button until the Font and Tear Off/Bin lights indicate the option you want:
    - Menu Font lights Tear Off lights
    - Software (emulation) OFF ON FLASHING
    - Pitch ON ON FLASHING
    - Bottom margin ON FLASHING OFF
    3. Now look at the second page and find the setting you want for the option you want to change. Press the Load/Eject button until the Pause and Paper Out lights indicate the correct setting. (An arrow appears next to the current setting.)
    - Menu Pause light Paper Out light
    - Software (emulation)
    - IBM 2380 Plus OFF ON
    - Pitch
    - 10 cpi OFF OFF
    - 12 cpi OFF ON
    - 15 cpi OFF FLASHING
    - 17 cpi ON OFF
    - 20 cpi ON ON
    - Proportional ON FLASHING
    - Bottom margin
    - 4.2 mm OFF OFF
    - 20 mm OFF ON
    - 22 mm OFF FLASHING
    - 24 mm ON OFF
    - Others (programmable ON ON
    - through ESC codes)
    4. When you are done changing the settings, press the Operate button to exit default setting mode and turn off the printer.
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