How do I install the ink cartridge?

  • If this is the first ink cartridge that has ever been installed into the printer, then the print heads will automatically move slightly to the left when the printer's power is turned on. Otherwise, if either of the printer's ink out lights are flashing or solid, then hold down the cleaning button for three seconds. If neither of the ink out lights are solid or flashing, then hold down the load/eject Button for three seconds. The print heads will have moved slightly to the left and the power light will be flashing at this point. Remove the yellow tape seal from the ink cartridge and install it. Do not remove the EPSON label from the top of the ink cartridge. The ink in a cartridge missing the EPSON label will be exposed to air and will thicken such that print head clogging and possible print head failure can occur. If the EPSON label has been removed from the ink cartridge, the cartridge will not function correctly and it will need to be replaced. More importantly, to avoid potential damage to the printer, do not install the cartridge if the EPSON label has been removed. Lower the ink cartridge clamp, pushing down on the clamp until it locks into place. Press the same button you initially pressed to move to print heads to the left, or if this is the first ink cartridge installation press the cleaning button. The printer will now begin charging the ink delivery system. When the printer is done charging, the Power light will stop flashing. Detailed instructions and illustrations can be found in your printer documentation.
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