My printout has lines running through it. What should I do?

  • First, check your driver settings and make sure the media type setting matches your paper type and that the appropriate print quality (resolution) is selected for your document. If the settings are correct, make sure your paper is loaded with the printable side facing the correct way. In the tray or front manual feed slot, load paper face-down. In the rear manual feed slot, load paper face-up.

    If you still see banding, print a nozzle check pattern from the utility menu in the driver. Each staggered horizontal and straight vertical line should be complete, with no gaps in the dot pattern. If there are any gaps in the nozzle pattern, run a cleaning / nozzle pattern cycle. You may need to run up to 7 cleaning /nozzle pattern cycles to completely clean the print heads. If the nozzle pattern prints correctly, then run the printhead alignment utility using Epson coated paper and check it for misalignment with a loupe.
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