What is the difference between the Epson Device Admin software and the Epson Web Config utility?

  • Both applications manage Epson printers that are connected to a network. However, the Epson Device Admin software will allow you to configure and monitor multiple Epson printers at one time. The Epson Web Config utility will allow you to configure and monitor one Epson printer at a time. See below for a list of supported features.

    Epson Device Admin and Epson Web Config

    Note: The features listed below are supported remotely over a network.

    • Configure a single printer.
    • Display a printer's ink supply level and usage counter.
    • Import and export printer configuration settings to back up or clone configuration settings to another printer.
    • Check and update the firmware version of a single printer.

    Epson Device Admin

    Epson Device Admin supports these features, in addition to those listed above.

    • Send an email alert when an error occurs on the printer.*
    • Schedule and send an email that reports the printer's usage.*
    • Schedule and implement a firmware update.
    • Configure multiple Epson printers via a template.

    * Email services need to be configured in the Epson Device Admin software to use these features.

    Note: Other Epson scanners, inkjet printers, and large format printers may include an option to send an email alert from the Epson Web Config utility. For support with these products, consult the product's user manual.

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