Why do I notice slightly different color shifts under different light sources?

  • This phenomenon is called Metamerism. This is present to a varying degree in all forms of pigmented ink printing and it is not possible to totally eliminate it. Epson has specifically developed a new driver to reduce Metamerism, which is available from the download section of this web site. While this driver reduces the light source color shift issue noticeable from all viewing distances, close inspection from within one foot or less will possibly show a slightly lower level of image quality which can be described as a coarseness or graininess in neutral areas of the print. Please Note: Use of this driver is optional. The current driver and this new driver cannot be installed at the same time. If you are currently using a customized ICC color workflow it is very likely the profiles will need to be recreated for use with this new driver. This driver is also not recommended where prints will be viewed under a controlled light source and in applications of Fine Art, Photographic, or Black and White printing, where ultimate print quality at all viewing distances is the primary requirement.
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