How do I install a replacement top cover if I want to change the color?

  • Follow these steps to replace your printer's cover:
    1. Lower the output tray.
    2. Open the printer cover as far as it will go.
    3. With the front of the printer facing you, grasp the printer cover near the left hinge with your left hand.
    4. Free the left hinge by pushing the cover over to the right. Pull up on the cover's left-hand side until it snaps loose. Warning: Work with the printer in an open space to avoid hitting your hand when the cover comes loose.
    5. Remove the cover by gently freeing it from the hinge on the right. Set the cover aside.
    6. Attach the new cover by inserting it into the right hinge.
    7. Press down firmly on the left end so that the cover's left hinge snaps into place.
    8. Close the printer cover.
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