When I try to do a borderless print on 4 x 6 inch paper with my product, the image is shifted over and is not borderless. What do I need to do to make this work correctly?

  • The Stylus Photo 785EPX can print borderless images on 4x6 inch paper. The issue is that there are two kinds of 4x6 inch paper and there are also two different driver settings to choose, one for each of those papers.

    The older style Photo Paper 4" x 6" with Micro Perforated Edges (S041134) has perforations that are meant to be torn off after printing if the printer doesn't support borderless prints.

    The newer paper is Borderless Photo Paper 4" x 6"(S041458), a true 4x6 inch paper.

    The two driver settings are "Photo Paper 4 x 6 in" and "Photo Paper 4 x 6 in No Perforations".

    You can get borderless prints one of two ways:
    1. a. Print via PC based printing only.

    b. Use the "Photo Paper 4 x 6 in" driver setting.

    c. Use the older style paper(S041134) and tear the perforations off afterwards.


    2. a. Print via PC based printing or stand-alone.

    b. Use the "Photo Paper 4 x 6 in No Perforations" driver setting borderless Page Layout setting on the control panel.


    c. Use the older paper (S041134) and tear the perforations off before the paper is inserted into the printer.


    d. Use the newer, true 4x6 inch paper(S041458) as is.

    If the actual paper size is matched up with the correct driver setting, you should not have any image shift issues.
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