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I see the message Service Request 00010004 - 000101D. What should I do?

    • Service Request errors in the range 00010004 - 000101D are related to a carriage movement problem. In some instances like paper jams, the carriage locking tab may be partially pushed in, causing the carriage locking mechanism to put a drag on the carriage or lock the carriage completely. This will cause any of the carriage errors. Make sure the carriage locking tab is pulled all the way out. Then turn the printer's power off and release the carriage by pushing down on the cutter blade. Slide the carriage to the left and look for any paper that also may be restricting the carriage from moving freely.
    • 00010004CR Motor encoder check error
      00010005CR Motor out of step
      00010006CR Motor over current
      00010007CR Motor in-position time-out
      0001000ACR axis detection error
      0001000FCR Motor PWM output faulty
      0001001DCR servo parameter error
    • The T-Fence can also be dirty or out of the carriage encoder. Check to make sure it is clean and in the center of the encoder. Contact Epson for additional assistance.
    • The current firmware corrects erroneous Service Request 00010007, which occurs after the power is first turned on. You can download this firmware upgrade from
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