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How can I prevent paper from jamming or misfeeding from the paper tray?

    • Fan the paper and tap it on a flat surface to even the edges.

    • If you need to add paper to the paper tray, first remove all paper from the tray and then add paper to the removed stack.
    • If your paper is curled, flatten it before you load it. If it curls excessively and jams frequently, stop using it.
    • Load the sheets with the printable side face down and the right edge of the paper resting against the right side of the paper tray. Make sure the sheets lie flat on the bottom of the tray.

    • Do not over fill the paper tray.
    • When you load sheets of paper, place the edge of the paper against the right inner corner of the paper tray. Otherwise, printing may become misaligned.
    • Adjust the paper guide and edge guide according to the paper size. They must be snug against the paper.

    • Put the paper guide roller down and replace the paper tray cover.

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