How do I apply the labels?

  • See the solutions below for your label type:

    Applying Standard Labels

    Your printed labels are easy to attach to most surfaces.

    Depending on the environment and the surface to which you attach them, labels may peel off or become discolored, and the adhesive may remain on or damage the surface. Epson is not responsible for any damage or loss due to these causes. Do not attach labels to human bodies or other living things, or to surfaces that you are not authorized to modify.

    1. Peel off the backing.
    2. Place the label on the desired surface and press it down firmly.

    Applying Iron-on Labels

    Press the entire label firmly and do not use steam or a press cloth.
    1. Set your iron to 284–320 °F (140–160 °C), without steam.
    2. Make sure the area where you want to apply the label is not wrinkled.
    3. Place the label in the desired location with the printed side up.
    4. Gently press the iron down on one end of the label to temporarily attach it in place.
    5. Press the iron firmly down on the entire label, holding the iron still for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times.

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