How do I change the layout in Label Editor?

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    Editing Layout in Label Editor

    You can rearrange and adjust the layout of the blocks of text and other elements on your labels.
    1. To edit the layout of a block, click the Edit block icon, and click the block on the Label Editor main screen.

      Note: To select more than one block, press and hold the Shift key on your computer keyboard while you click the blocks (or choose Select All from the Edit menu).

      You see green handles around the selected block.
    2. Open the Layout menu.
    3. Do any of the following.
      • To reposition overlapping blocks, click Block Order and select any of the available options.
      • To flip a block horizontally or vertically, click Flip and select one of the options.
      • To rotate a block, click Rotate and select one of the options.
      • To align one or more blocks, click Align and select one of the options.
      • To reposition a block interactively, click Set Position, select one of the options, click OK, and click on the label where you want to position the block.
      • To reposition multiple blocks interactively, click Arrange Blocks, select one of the options, click OK, and click one of the blocks.
      • To restore the original aspect ratio of an image, click Revert to Default Ratios.

    Note: You can also use the icons on the Layout toolbar to perform many of the same functions.

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