Which settings are available in Label Editor?

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    Label Editor Printer Settings

    The Printer Settings options let you adjust many label features as you print, including the orientation of text and mirror printing.

    Setting Options Description
    Paper tab
    Tape Width Various widths available Sets the width of the loaded tape

    Get Tape Width: detects the width of the loaded tape automatically

    Orientation Vertical


    Sets the orientation of the label text
    Print Setting Mirror Print Select Yes for mirror-image printing on clear labels for use on transparent surfaces
    Graphics tab
    Resolution 180 dpi Sets the print quality automatically
    Dithering Rough


    Line Art


    Sets the method for printing imported images

    BW: lets you set the threshold for turning grayscale images into black and white

    Concentration –3 to +3 Decreases or increases the print density
    Options tab
    Cut Setting Cut each label

    Cut after job

    Don't cut

    Sets how the label is cut

    Cut each label: cuts each label as it is printed

    Cut after job: prints multiple labels in a print job without cutting

    Don't cut: prints all labels without cutting, so you can cut them manually

    View Setting Display tape width confirmation message

    Print Preview

    Displays selected information before printing
    Unit mm(mm)


    Selects the units of measurement used in Label Editor
    Utilities tab
    Feed and Cut Select to feed, or feed and cut labels, or to restart the printer driver
    Printer Drivers Restart
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