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How do I format text in Label Editor or Label Editor Lite?

    See below.

    Working With Blocks in Label Editor

    Every element that you can add to a label is a block. You can format individual blocks of text or other elements such as graphic symbols, dates, and tables.
    1. To add a text block to a label, click the Text icon.
    2. Begin typing anywhere on the workspace. Your text appears as you type it in.
    3. To select the text block you have typed, click outside the text. Green handles appear around the text block:
    4. Do any of the following:
      • To move the block, simply click and drag it as desired. You can add multiple blocks to a label by dragging them to the right of an existing block on the label area. The label automatically expands to accommodate the new block.
      • To add text to an existing text block, click the Text icon, click within the block, and type in the text.
      • To format the text block, click the block to select it and use any of the tools on the text toolbar or the font selection boxes. You can also click the Properties icon to open a window with formatting options.
      • To resize the text block, click the block to display the green handles. Click and drag one of the handles on the left or right side to the size you want.
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    Editing Layout in Label Editor

    Formatting Text in Label Editor Lite

    You can use the Text toolbar or the Text menu to format the alignment or basic style of your text.
    1. Enter text or click the text in a label.
    2. Do any of the following:
      • Change the font by selecting it in the font list
      • Emphasize the text using the bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough buttons or menu options
      • Change the text justification using the left justify, center, or right justify buttons or menu options
      • Change the font size in the Font Size list
      The text is updated as you select font options.

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