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When I print from the ColorBurst RIP, my images have vertical banding that is especially noticeable on a sky blue color. When I print from the Epson driver, this banding does not appear. What should I do?

  • This banding is caused by the screening and dithering pattern used by the ColorBurst RIP. To minimize this effect, follow these steps to adjust the printer:
    1. Make sure the printer's control panel says Ready.
    2. Press the Menu button once.
    3. Press the down arrow button until Custom Paper is displayed.
    4. Press the Menu button twice.
    5. Press the up arrow button and select any paper number by pressing the Menu button (the actual paper number you select doesn't matter).
    6. Press the left arrow button once.
    7. Press the down arrow button until M/W Adj is displayed.
    8. Press the right arrow button once, press the down arrow button to select either 1 or 2, then press the Menu button.
    9. Press the left arrow button until Ready is displayed again.
    10. You may have to experiment with the M/W Adjustment setting to see what provides the best results. Make sure that these settings are not selected when using the Epson driver, or your prints my contain other anomalies.
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