How do I align the print head?

  • Do the following:

    1. Make sure the printer is turned on. Then load one of the following types of paper:
      • Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
      • Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy
      • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
      • Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster
      • Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
      • Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte
      • Epson Presentation Paper Matte
    2. Press Menu on the printer.
    3. Press  until HEAD ALIGNMENT is selected, then press Menu. You see PAPER THICKNESS.
    4. Press Menu to select STANDARD. This is the correct thickness setting for most Epson papers.
    5. Press  to save the setting.
    6. Press , then press  to select ALIGNMENT.
    7. Press Menu to select AUTO, then press Menu again. You see UNI-D (uni-directional). This is the type of alignment to start with.
    8. Press  to start the alignment process.

      Each head alignment takes about 7 minutes. The printer's white beam sensor reads the alignment pattern and adjusts the printer automatically. Make sure you don't open the front cover or turn off the printer during this process.

    9. When the uni-directional alignment is finished, press  until BI-D 2-COLOR is selected. Press  to start the bi-directional black alignment process.
    10. When the bi-directional black alignment is finished, press  until BI-D ALL is selected. Press  to start the alignment process.
    11. Press  to exit the head alignment mode.
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