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ICC profiles that are included with my product are labeled by their acronyms. Is there a list that explains these acronyms and their definitions?

  • Profiles ending in MK are to be used when the Matte black ink is installed as the primary black, and PK is for Photo black.

    Any profile ending in 250 is intended for the roll stock. These profiles are intended for use with any driver resolution available.

    Note: These are examples of media acronyms.

    Profile nameFor this media type
    ARMP.iccArchival Matte Paper
    EMP.iccEnhanced Matte Paper
    PGP.iccPhoto Glossy Paper
    PGPP.iccPremium Glossy Photo Paper
    PLPP.iccPremium Luster Photo Paper
    PPG.iccPhoto Paper (Glossy Photo Paper)
    PPSmC.iccProofing Paper Commercial Semimatte
    PQIJP.iccPhoto Quality Inkjet Paper
    PSmPP.iccPremium Semimatte Photo Paper
    PSP.iccPhoto Semigloss
    PSPP.iccPremium Semigloss Photo Paper
    SWMP.iccSingleWeight Matte Paper
    TFAP.iccTextured Fine Art Paper
    USFAP.iccUltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
    VFAP.iccVelvet Fine Art Paper
    WCRW.iccWatercolor Paper-Radiant White

    Note: Additional Profiles (these profiles are designed for use with a specific black ink type and resolution):

    Matte Black Ink
    EM MK 2880.iccEnhanced Matte
    EVFA MK 2880.iccEpson Velvet Fine Art
    PAWRC MK 1440.iccPremier Art Water Resistant Canvas (SP91221)
    Photo Black Ink
    PGPP250 PK 2880.iccPremium Glossy Photo Paper
    PLPP PK 2880.iccPremium Luster Photo Paper
    PLPP250 PK 2880.iccPremium Luster Photo Paper (roll)
    PSMPP250 PK 2880.iccPremium Semimatte Photo Paper
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