What ports are used by Epson Device Admin?

  • Epson Device Admin continuously listens to several ports, therefore those ports must be opened for specific features. The following ports are used by Epson Device Admin:

    Port number Purpose of use
    161 Use to acquire information of devices (SNMP).
    3289 Use to discover and configure devices on the network (ENPC).
    427 Use to discover devices on the network (svrloc).
    443 Use to communicate by HTTPS, auto update, and update firmware.
    25 (default) To monitor system by SNMP SMPT and change it according to servers.
    587 (default) To configure devices and acquire information by SNMP extended for secure.
    110 Use this to send email using POP before SMTP.
    8080 (default) Use this to request interfaces that communicate between services and this software.
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