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When I try to use the e.Paper program, my system keeps crashing. What should I do?

    First, increase the amount of memory allocated to the particular module of e.Paper you are using. To increase memory, go to the Finder, select the program icon you are having difficulty with, go to File, then select "Get Info." Increase the current preferred size by 1,000 and close the Get Info window. Open the e.Paper program and try again. If you have upgraded the computer with several pieces at once, you are almost guaranteed to have some type of failure. Remove each piece of hardware or software you have just installed. Add the hardware or software one at a time, testing after each individual installation, to see what is giving you the conflict. You may also need to rebuild the e.PaperPrefs. To rebuild, close e.Paper, go to the Preferences folder, select the System Folder, then "trash" the e.PaperPrefs folder. Another suggestion is to restart the computer with extensions off (hold down the Shift key while restarting the computer; release Shift key when you see the message "Welcome to Macintosh, Extensions disabled). If e.Paper operates normally with extensions off, one or more of your extensions is causing a conflict. You will need to determine which extension is causing the conflict by enabling each extension one at a time.
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