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Can I measure split times and lap times simultaneously?

    Yes, you can with the chronograph function. To measure the split and lap times, do the following:

    1. Press the C button on the measurement screen to start measuring.
    2. Press the D button while measuring to start recording a lap. A screen for the lap appears for a few seconds, then the measurement screen appears again.

      Note: To record more laps, press the D button at the beginning of each lap.

    3. Press the C button again to stop measuring.
    4. Press and hold the D button to reset the measurement screen. The data for your workout is stored in the product’s memory.

    To view the data for your workout, press and hold the A button to return to the time screen, then press the D button. You can then highlight the workout and press the A button to view the data, including the split time and lap time(s).

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