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The product stops measuring my activity when I stop moving during a workout. What should I do?

    Measurement pauses temporarily if the AT Pause setting is turned on and the product detects that you have stopped moving. The AT Pause setting is available for the Run workout mode only.

    If you do not want measurement to pause during a workout, do the following to turn off the AT Pause setting:

    1. Press down on the Time screen until the Run workout mode appears.
    2. Press Enter, select AT Pause, and then press Enter again.
    3. Select OFF and press Enter.
    4. Press and hold back for at least two seconds to return to the Time screen.

    You can also use the Start/Stop button to turn off the AT Pause setting. Press Start/Stop on the Time screen and press it again to skip GPS positioning. Press Enter and select AT Pause > OFF.

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