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My product is not working properly. What should I do?

  • Try restarting and resetting the product. See the sections below.

    Note: Resetting the product deletes all measurement data from the product. If you don’t want to lose this data, make sure to upload it to Epson View first.

    Restarting the Watch

    If you experience problems with your watch, you may need to restart it. Restarting your watch retains your data and settings, except the activity data for the current day.

    To restart your watch, press the following buttons simultaneously:

    •  Back
    •  Start/Stop
    •  Up
    •  Down

    The screen disappears for a moment and the watch restarts.

    Resetting the Watch

    If you need to delete all the data and settings from your watch's memory, you can reset the watch.

    Note: You may want to upload your workout and activity data to your smartphone using the Epson View app before resetting your watch.

    1. Press the  Enter button. You see a screen like this:
    2. Press the  Up or  Down button to select Settings > System > Reset > Yes. Your watch resets. When it is finished, it restarts and displays the Language screen.
    3. Now you can configure your watch again.
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