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How can I tell which scanning resolution to use for the best results?

  • Resolution refers to how many dots per inch (dpi) or dots per centimeter (dpcm) your image contains. The best resolution for a scanned image depends on the type of image you're scanning and the final output device. As a rule of thumb for most images (except line art), use a scanning resolution that is approximately one third of your output resolution. For example, use a scanning resolution up to 100 dpi with a 300 dpi laser printer, and up to 200 dpi with a 600 dpi laser printer. For 1440 dpi ink jet printers, such as the EPSON Stylus Color series, use a scanning resolution of up to 300 dpi. Try a scanning resolution of 240 dpi for 720 dpi printing. Here are some recommended settings for different types of scans.

    Image TypeScanning resolution
    Photograph300 dpi
    Text with images400 dpi
    Film or slides300 to 3200 dpi
    Line art300 to 3200 dpi
    Image for web96 to 150 dpi
    Text for OCR400 dpi
    Newspaper400 dpi
    Magazine300 dpi
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