My remote control does not work. What should I do?

  • Turn off the projector and computer. Ensure that the round end of the provided serial cable is plugged into the serial port on the projector and the 9-pin connector is attached to a working COM port (free from conflicts) on the computer. Turn the projector on and press the MENU button. Go to the OPTIONS MENU and make sure that the "Serial" option is checked. Exit the MENU mode by pressing the MENU button. Install the PC Utilities software. To run the ELP Utility, open the ELP REMOTE PROGRAMMER utility. Click on SPECIAL and make sure Serial Port 1 (COM1) is checked, then select the ACTIVATE function. Leave the Remote Programmer Utility running while testing the remote control unit. To test the remote control unit, install two fresh AA batteries. Press one of the five function buttons on the remote control. The red LED on the remote control unit should light. Press one of the five function buttons again while watching the Power LED. The Power LED should blink when the button is pressed, indicating that the remote is communicating with the projector. Point the remote control unit at the front or rear of the projector and slowly roll the trackball on the Remote Control Unit until the mouse pointer on the projected image moves.
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