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Why can't I see the images on my SD card when it's inserted in the document camera?

  • If you export images from the document camera's internal memory to an SD card, they are automatically saved in the correct format. The same is true if you use images taken with your digital camera. However, if you use your computer to load images onto the card, you need to make sure their format is correct:
    • Images must be DCF-compliant JPEG files to be displayed. Avoid editing your digital camera images, as this may change their format and prevent them from being displayed.
    • Images must be named using the format ABCD1234.JPG, where ABCD is any combination of upper- or lowercase letters and 1234 is any combination of numbers. For example: PICT0001, PICT0002, etc.
    • Images must be placed in a folder named DCIM\123ABCDE, where 123 is any combination of numbers and ABCDE is any combination of upper- or lowercase letters. If this folder structure doesn't exist, first create a folder named DCIM, then create a folder within it with the desired name (for example, 100EPSON).
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