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How do I print a photo?

  • Do the following:

    1. Start the app and make sure your product is selected.
    2. Tap Print Photos.
    3. Navigate to the album containing your photo. Then do one of the following:
      • Tap the photo to view an enlarged version of it before printing. Tap Select to add the photo to your print job.

        Note: You may have to tap Expansion before you can view an enlarged version of the photo.

        To add more photos to your print job, tap the back arrow and repeat this process. When you're done, tap Next.

      • To quickly select multiple photos, tap Select, if necessary. Then tap photos to add them to your print job, and tap Next when you're done.
    4. Do the following as necessary:
      • To change the paper size, print quality, and other settings, tap .

        Note: These settings apply to all photos in your print job.

      • If your photo is larger than the current paper size, adjust the cropping by tapping and dragging the photo.
      • To switch between landscape and portrait orientation, tap Rotate.
      • To add photos to your print job, tap .
      • To navigate between the photos in your print job, tap the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.
      • To remove the current photo from your print job, tap Clear.
    5. When you're ready to print, tap Print.
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