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How do I scan with the app?

  • Do the following:

    1. Start the app and make sure your product is selected.
    2. Place your document or photo on the scanner glass, or place your document in the product's ADF.
    3. Tap Scan.
    4. Tap and adjust the scan settings as necessary.

      Note: Make sure the Source setting is correct, or your document or photo will not scan. If you are using the scanner glass to scan, set the Source setting to Document Table. If you are using the ADF to scan, set the setting to ADF.

    5. Tap Scan. Your document or photo scans and appears in the app.
    6. If necessary, tap and drag the crop marks on the corner of the scan to crop it.
    7. Do one of the following:
      • Tap to save your scan to your device or cloud service, or to open the scan in another app. Select your destination, enter a name for the scan, select a file type, and tap Save or Upload.

        Note: You need to have a cloud service account set up before you can save any files to the service.

      • Tap to email your scan. Enter a name, select a file type, and tap Mail.
      • Tap to print your scan. Tap to select any print settings. When you're done, tap Print.
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