My product displays an error after I connect a USB memory device to it. What should I do?

  • Make sure the USB memory device meets the printer's specifications, that it is properly formatted, and that it is not corrupt.

    To clear the error, turn off the printer, remove the USB memory device from the printer, then turn the printer back on.

    USB Memory Device Requirements

    Make sure your USB memory device meets these requirements.

    Note: Connections that use an extension cable, a USB hub, or a card reader cannot be guaranteed.

    • FAT device compatible with Windows
    • Format type: FAT 32
    • No security functions such as encryption or passwords
    • Memory capacity: Up to 128GB
    • Partitions: 1
    Requirements for data
    • Data name: Up to 255 single-byte characters
    • Data size: Up to 4GB
    • Number of data items: Up to 256 (.prn files only)

    Note: Save the data in the root folder on the USB memory device and use only the .prn file extension. If the data is saved in a sub-folder or named incorrectly, it is not displayed even if the USB memory device is connected to the printer.

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