How do I print a nozzle check pattern?

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    Performing a Nozzle Check

    To maintain optimum print quality, perform a nozzle check before printing.
    1. If the platen is not in the forward position, press the  moveable base button to move it forward.
    2. Make sure that spacers a and b are installed.
    3. Make sure that the medium-size (standard) platen or grip pad is installed.
    4. Remove the platen frame.
    5. Place one sheet of A4- or letter-size plain paper on the center of the platen or grip pad. Secure the corners with tape.
    6. Set the height adjustment lever to the P position if you are using a platen or the 1 position if you are using a grip pad.
    7. Press the  maintenance button on the control panel. The Maintenance menu appears.
    8. Press the right arrow button to select Nozzle Check.
    9. Press the OK button twice. The nozzle check pattern prints onto the paper.
    10. Remove the paper and check the printed pattern:
      • If there are no gaps in the pattern, the nozzles are clean.
      • If there are gaps in the pattern, clean the print head.

        Note: A complete nozzle cleaning is required only if there are more than 3 nozzles missing and the gaps are adjacent to each other. Otherwise, cleaning is not required.

    11. Replace the platen frame.
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