My printout is stained or marred. What should I do?

  • If the printed media is stained or the surface is marred, try these solutions:

    • Make sure the media is not too thick or thin. Check that it meets the media specifications for your product and RIP software.
    • Check that the media is not creased or folded, causing it to contact the print head. If necessary, load new media.
    • If your media is wavy, press the down arrow button on the product control panel to feed the media past the affected area. Make sure your printing environment is not too hot or humid to avoid wavy media.
    • Clean the print head, wiper, and caps as necessary to remove ink that may have stained these parts and transferred to your printout.
    • Adjust the Platen Gap setting on the product control panel to prevent the print head from striking the media as you print.
    • If your printouts contain marks that look like those shown here, the print head is striking the media as you print:

      Try these solutions in this order until the results improve:
      • Cut off any wrinkled or wavy media and do not load media until you are ready to print.
      • Reload the media and check that all of the media settings are correct.
      • Reattach the media to the auto take-up reel and make sure the media is taken up correctly.
      • Adjust the after heater temperature.
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