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How do I replace the maintenance box?

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    Replacing Maintenance Boxes

    The maintenance box absorbs ink used in maintenance operations such as head cleaning and changing black ink. Replace the maintenance box when you see a message on the LCD screen. (The SC-P8000/SC-P9000 have two maintenance boxes.)

    Note: Do not reuse maintenance boxes you have removed from the printer and exposed to air for a long period of time. The box will not absorb any more ink.

    1. Check the LCD screen to determine which maintenance box needs to be replaced (SC-P8000/SC-P9000).
    2. Turn off your product.
    3. Remove the new maintenance box from the package.

      Do not touch the chip on the side of the maintenance box or you may damage the product.

    4. Use the handle on the bottom of the maintenance box to carefully pull it out of the product without tilting the box.

    5. Place the used maintenance box in the bag supplied with the new box and seal the bag.

    6. Insert the new maintenance box in the slot.

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