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Does my product automatically switch to the correct black ink cartridge (Matte Black or Photo Black) depending on the media type I select in my product software?

  • Yes, the printer will automatically switch to the correct black ink.

    You can also switch the black ink type manually. See below.

    Note: Because this process consumes some ink, you should avoid switching black ink more often than necessary and select a default black ink type for the type of media you print on most often. You can disable automatic black ink switching by pressing the Menu button and selecting Printer Setup > Auto Black Ink Change > Off.

    Switching the Black Ink Type

    Switching the black ink type takes several minutes and consumes some ink. Check the black ink type media list to select the correct ink type for the media you loaded.
    1. Press the  Black ink button.
    2. Press the OK button to switch black inks. The printer charges the black ink for a few minutes:
      • Photo Black to Matte Black: about 2 minutes.
      • Matte Black to Photo Black: about 4 minutes.
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