How do I load an original document into the scanner?

  • You can load an original that meets the document specifications in the input slot.

    Do not load photos, valuable original documents, or artwork directly into the product. This may wrinkle or damage the original.

    Note: If the original is curled or creased, straighten or smooth the irregularity before loading the document into the product. If the original is longer than 39 inches (1 meter), support the document with your hand or the document support during scanning.

    1. Make sure the document guide is installed on the scanner.

      Note: Remove the document guide if you are using a carrier sheet.

    2. With the side to be scanned facing up, align the original with the document guide.
    3. Support the original with both hands and insert the top edge into the scanner slot until it is automatically moved to the scanning position. You will hear a beep when loading is complete.

      Note: When the automatic loading process begins, let go of the original and do not resist the loading process.

    The original is loaded and ready to be scanned.

    If necessary, attach the document support to the rear of the printer to prevent the original from falling. If you have routed the power cord through the cable holders, you will have to remove the cord to install the document support.

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